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Location Storgatan 73, 624 48 Slite

Restaurant Baksidan in Slite offers several well-selected and delicious dishes that suits lunch just as well as dinner. In addition to food, Baksidan is also a café and bar.

In the town of Slite on the east side of Gotland you will find Restaurant Baksidan. The restaurant is located in the center of Slite, one street away from the square. A charming little restaurant that offers several well-selected dishes of meat, fish and vegetarian. Dishes that suits lunch just as well as dinner.

 In addition to food, it is also a nice stop for coffee or other refreshment. Baksidan has a smaller indoor dining area with a bar, and a slightly larger outdoor area in the lush garden, with places to sit in both sun and shade.

 A perfect place for a well-deserved break!

Baksidan restaurant no longer exists.


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  • Restaurang Baksidan
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