Good to know when vehicle-camping on Gotland!

A gathering page for information that is good and important to know when you camp on Gotland with a motorhome, campervan, caravan etc.

Here you can / will be able to find information about e.g. General rules and what you should and should not do when traveling and parking on the island.


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Rules and other things to think about

Welcome to the Gotland nature! The right of public access gives us a fantastic opportunity to stay and move in nature - on foot, with bicycle or perhaps on horseback. Everyone should be able to enjoy Gotland's beautiful coast, nature reserve, forests and rocky soils, both today and in the future. Therefore, there are some rules and laws which we must all take into account.

Do not disturb - do not destroy

When staying in nature, you must always show consideration animals, nature, landowners and other people. The main rule in the right of public access is not to disturb or destroy. It is important to keep in mind that the right of public access does not give you the right to drive a motor vehicle in the woods or on the ground beaches. The right to travel and camp in motor vehicles is limited in the Off-Road Driving Act.

( Region Gotland 2021 )

What does the Off-Road Driving Act mean?

The Off-Road Driving Act means that all driving of off-road motor vehicles are prohibited. It needs no prohibition signs for the prohibition against off-road driving to apply and this also applies to your own land, except in forestry and agriculture. reason the ban is that motor vehicles in nature lead to damage to soil and plants and that it can disturb animals and people.

If you are going to park your vehicle, you can do so right next to the road if you do not damage the ground, disturb the landowner or stands in the way. Violations of the law are reported to the police authority. If someone drives off the road in a nature reserve should the county administrative board is contacted.

What is terrain?

All natural land off roads, for example forest land, beaches, parks, fields and meadows, are counted as terrain. This also applies to trails, exercise tracks and trails such as created in the terrain during, for example, forestry.

What counts as a motor vehicle?

Motor vehicles are all types of vehicles that are driven with engine, such as cars, motorhomes, motorcycles, quad bikes, mopeds and tractors. It also applies to if these vehicles are powered by electricity

( Gotland 2021 Region )

Info coming soon!

In national parks and nature reserves special apply rules. There are information signs in the area that show what which concerns. The information is also available at www.lansstyrelsen.se/gotland/besok-och-upptack.

( Region Gotland 2021 )

Common questions

On Gotland there are plenty of campsites with places for both caravans and mobile homes. Around the island there are also pitches for motorhomes. Region Gotland has two pitches in Visby: Polhemslunden and Ă–stra Urban space. Sludge emptying and fresh water are available The ferry route at the treatment plant.

If you want to camp outside prepared places are available some limitations that are important to know. According to Region Gotland's local ordinances may camping in, among other things, caravan and motorhome does not take place on public place. By public place is meant, among other things public roads, streets and parks. Also in Visby and camping is prohibited at some bathing sites.

On individual roads, it is up to the landowner to decide whether motor traffic shall be permitted and that in in some cases regulate parking. Unless otherwise stated, sheep you park your vehicle right next to the road, provided that the land is not damaged, the car park constitutes a traffic danger or the landowner is hindered in his activities. At accommodation near a residential building, you should first ask landowner for permission.

Rest areas are primarily intended for temporary rest and rest. The basic rule is that you can stay at most on weekdays 24 hours at rest areas and signposted parking spaces along public road. On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays you get stay until the next weekday. If other rules apply, you will see this on an additional board under the P-mark at the rest area

( Region Gotland 2021 )

In Visby's immediate area, it is not permitted to spend the night in anything other than specified parking spaces. In signposted parking spaces outside Visby, unless otherwise stated, it is usually allowed to park up to 24 hours if the car fits within the window, read information boards and additional signs. To avoid irritation, however, it can be good to be aware of how much space there is, especially in high season, many parking lots are already loaded with regular visitors to the site, such as bathers to a bathing area.

Region Gotland has an emptying station along the fairway at the treatment plant (On the hill up when you get off the boat). In addition, many campsites and campsites have emptying facilities for guests. Some also allow non residents to empty and refill water at a cost.